Lighting plays an important role in any interior decor. It brightens a room,
highlights decorating accents, and acts as part of the decor itself. Your
choice of lighting should be a work of art, not just a source of illumination.

ZELight is a unique kind of lamp that allows you to assemble your very own
work of art. Each pack contains 30 modules that you put together to form
lamps of varying shapes and sizes according to your desires. Your space is
all about you, and nothing is more satisfying than building your home with
you own imagination.

Material: Polypropylene
Size: 12 inches (30cm) diameter.

ZELight modules are easy to put
together and secure in place. It is
flexible, durable and washable

Each module is made of translucent
white plastic. Elegant and stylish, your
ZELight enhances the look of any room.
With ZELight, you build beauty with
your own hands.